Jane Bronsch is a professional full time artist based in Vancouver, Canada. She has been successfully exhibiting her work throughout Canada for the past 15 years. Her works are found in numerous private and corporate collections in Canada, USA, China, UK, Finland, Taiwan and Russia.

The artist is very much admired for her impressionistic style, and known for her ability to express the peaceful beauty of nature. Inspired by the magnificence of the Pacific West Coast, Bronsch’s light infused views of water seem almost dream like. She magically captures elusive quality of light in her work, dynamic sense of ocean waves, atmospheric charm of fog moving quietly through forests and open waters.
Artist's statement
"With my life-long passion for visual arts I have never been too appreciative of talk around it. I am a believer in an non-expert eye. Nothing can teach you to admire, dislike or remain indifferent to what you see. Some history around the piece or the artist could be entertaining at times, but will not help your soul feeling touched by it. Your eye stopped and the process has begun. The slight impulse pulled out of your memory a similar scene, familiar warmth, a momentary emotion, and you are reliving it again. That is all I am hoping for. Enjoy if you do. I certainly had while working on it." Jane Bronsch